What Should I Take For A Pre-Workout Supplement?

There are many types of pre-workout supplements. Some are better than others. I chose 4 solid supplements you should try. The quiz maker has taken all the supplements listed and they are pretty good.

Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to have more energy in the gym? Well see what is best for you. There are many online stores. You should really checkout bodybuilding.com.

Created by: Serge

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I need a ton of energy when I workout?
  2. I can handle energy drinks?
  3. Building muscle is what's most important?
  4. Do you run long distances?
  5. Do you take a multi-vitamin?
  6. Favorite place to buy supplements?
  7. Elliptical or Treadmill
  8. You do realize you should probably only take a pre-workout once a day right?
  9. What's more important: weight lifting or cardio?
  10. Favorite brand

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