what should I Name my Pet

Do you have a pet, but have no idea what to name it? Well don't worry because i am here to help you! I have pets myself and know how hard it was to name them. This quiz will help you make a decission.

If you have a pet no matter if you love it or not it has to have a name! Names reflect so much on a pet and are so important. That is whay it is to hard to pick one. However now thanks to this quiz it no longer is!

Created by: Michelle
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you called your pet over it would.....
  2. If you were dying your pet would .......
  3. Your pets favorite toy is......
  4. Your pets favorite person is....
  5. when your pet sees another animal it....
  6. Do you think your pet loves you?
  7. Do you love your pet?
  8. Is your pet anoying
  9. Is your pet ugly (Be honest)
  10. Would you do anything for your pet

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