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Pets are amazing things, so cute, so curious, so great. Slow, Fast, small, big, pets may be one of these. All pets require hard work though. Hard work-a great deal of effort or endurance.

Do you want a pet? Do you have what it takes? Wondering what pet you are meant for, what pet is meant for you? Take this quiz and find out the best pet for you!

Created by: PA
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is any one who lives with you allergic to animals with fur?
  2. What is the weather climate where you live?
  3. How big of a space do you have in your house for a pet?
  4. Where do you live?
  5. How wealthy are you?
  6. Do you like to play with other creatures?
  7. Do you like to run around or are you more of a couch potatoe?
  8. Do you like the outdoors or indoors?
  9. Are you forgiving?
  10. Do you mind noise?

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