What Shape Are You?

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So many of these quizzes... What colour are you? What animal are you? What element are you? But I never did see "What SHAPE are you?"... And, since I'm

BORED and its like 2AM, I decided to give it a go I mean what's the worst that could happen? I'll tell you what's the worst that could happen: I die and the world loses a genius and perfect human being that's what.

Created by: kuber

  1. Which of these hairstyles is most like your own hair?
  2. Do you believe in power animals?
  3. Do you need fashion advice right now?
  4. Describe your bedroom walls
  5. Have you ever considered breaking the law?
  6. Have you ever considered singing as a career?
  7. So, if you said you might break the law, is assault what you had in mind?
  8. Do you like Disney films starring miley Cyrus
  9. Do you think that hope is a good thing or a dangerous thing
  10. Would you consider yourself "social"?
  11. Is your name one of the following:

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Quiz topic: What Shape am I?