What's Your Shape?

There are many women out there that do not know the true shape of their body. In turn, they end up choosing the wrong swimsuits that are unflattering.

Nicolita is here to help you figure that out! By taking this quiz, you will find out what shape you are and if you continue visiting out blog, you will see which Nicolita swimsuits will flatter your shape!

Created by: Nicolita
  1. How would you describe your shoulders?
  2. What kind of boobs where you blessed with?
  3. How are things round your midsection?
  4. What about your bottom half?
  5. What's your favorite asset?
  6. Which part of your body would you like to change?
  7. How would your describe your upper and lower proportions?
  8. You have tendency to stay lean throughout your...
  9. Which section of your body is toughest to slim down?
  10. Which area do you tend to minimize when dressing?

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Quiz topic: What's my Shape?