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  • What secret agent type are you?
    Your Result: Bodyguard

    You protect the group from being found out, you protect the group, you do anything the head spy, tells you to do. But you are also the most important agent, plus the strongest and most strategecal, welcome to the agency.

    Awesome quiz :D it was fun and I'm actually considering to take it again, I can honestly say that I've never taken a quiz twice before. Great job :D.

  • Your Result: Computer Spy 83%

    You find info, maps and other stuff on the Internet. You also are probably the smartest spy in your group and you send all the info to the head spy. ;)

    81% Conclusion Spy
    77% Photo Spy
    76% Bodyguard
    71% Regular Spy
    71% Other
    67% Vice Spy
    65% Trainers
    65% Adult agent
    65% Head Spy

  • I got Bodyguard too - yes box all right!! Fits quite well.

  • Great quiz! It looks like you worked hard on it. :) I got vice spy :P


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