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  • Your Result: You are Fred. 79%

    Born a true leader. Love to figure out puzzles and mysteries, you can drive and vey well I may say. You have that one secret crush and prefer non-living things over living things.

    You are Shaggy. 62%
    You are Scrappy. 55%
    You are Scooby-doo. 50%
    You are Dauphine. 29%
    You are Velma.


  • What Scooby-doo character are you?
    Your Result: You are Shaggy. 81%

    No, not the hair-style, you love dogs and can get scared very easily. You cannot ever seem full even after a full meal or two...or three... You have a different accent than others and oh! You are a very fast runner.

    You are Scrappy. 68%
    You are Scooby-doo. 65%
    You are Fred. 54%
    You are Velma. 29%
    You are Dauphine.

  • Velma,seems legit sense I do wear glasses and am somewhat geekier when it comes to my interests and hobbies in my life. I also like to have the answers to everything too. Cool quiz.

  • What did you guys get?

  • yes dauphine my favorite character


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