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  • Your Result: Sea

    A sea scent would suit you. You are always full of life, cheerful, and happy, but at the same time you're a very calm person. You are very funny and enjoy laughing and smiling. You're pretty laid back and you like to go with the flow. You are rarely mad, sad, or in a bad mood in general. You tend to be an optimisic person, and you are fun to be around.

    Oddly enough my favourite smell in the world is rain... I can't explain why but this must be as good as an answer I'll get. Great quiz and very accurate too :D

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • The sea is definitely me! Like, missy prissy cat I I like the rain, too. Mostly 'cause it's fun to dance in and there's something special about.

  • Smoky :) It describes me quite well!!

  • I got fruity and thats my absolute favourite, this quiz was topz.

  • Fall scent
    I love fall


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