What SAMS character are you?

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Hello there! This is my quiz (obviously). I’m not sure how you found this. Maybe you searched it up, maybe you checked my profile or maybe you just found this randomly and pushed on it because you are bored. Anyway you found it, you will enjoy this, I promise!

Anyways, this quiz is about The Sun and Moon Show! You can go watch the show on YouTube! It is amazing and you won’t regret it! In this quiz you can get the characters Sun, Moon, Lunar, Bloodmoon or Eclipse. Enjoy!!! (Image credit is not mine)

Created by: HallieGirl
  1. How do u greet people?
  2. Do u have a best friend?
  3. Would u say ur an enthusiastic person?
  4. Who’s your favorite duo?
  5. Introvert, extrovert or both?
  6. What is your favorite childhood game?
  7. Choose a pose
  8. How much do you sleep?
  9. How’s life? (effect)
  10. Favorite horror game?
  11. How are you feeling right now?
  12. Choose, random!

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Quiz topic: What SAMS character am I?