What's your wolf name, rank and personality?

Hi! My name is Moon Shadow! I hope you like this quiz, it's my first one. All the wolves here are fictional, they are all made up in my brain. I love them all as my own though!

The wolf pictures are what your wolf will look like, and that's why I didn't describe them at the end. Anyway, you'll cross that bridge when you come to it. I hope you get what you want! Good luck!

Created by: Moon Shadow the Wolf

  1. Do you work well with others?
  2. In a group of people, what are you usually?
  3. RP time! (Role Play): You are walking in a forest with the alpha and some others. Suddenly, a Lone Wolf pops out of the trees, poised to attack. What do ya do?
  4. Let's say you have a project due in 1 week. Your teacher JUST assigned it to you. What do you do first?
  5. RP time! You have just caught a moose with your bestie. It was a lot of work and you're pretty tired. Soon, you get to the camp, only to find your friend takes all the credit for catching the moose! What's your response?
  6. What do you like to eat?
  7. What would you (If you were a wolf) like your coat color be?
  8. So, you know my name's Moon Shadow, right?
  9. What color eyes would you like to have if you were a wolf?
  10. Did you like this quiz? Tell me the truth!

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Quiz topic: What's my wolf name, rank and personality?