What's Your Wolf Destiny

I hope you enjoy this quiz! I I worked rlly hard on it. It took n hour to create. I would really appreciate it if u rate it a green smile =) comment what you got!

Ever wondered what your wolf destiny is? Take this quiz to find out! I created everything by myself. I would be so happy if u actaully comment on this

Created by: FennecFoxie_Paws

  1. Hello I'm Atticus, I'm a Galaxy Wolf.
  2. Your walking with the alpha on the trail when you see a weak, hungry lone she-wolf. Alpha goes and attacks but you stop him. The lone wolf runs away and then alpha bans you.
  3. 3 Moons later.. your a full loner now. You see the same lone she-wolf. You slowly walk towards her. The wolf look at you and says "why are you following me?"
  4. You walk away from the wolf then see your sister laying dead with blood everywhere even on the trees. You run over to her and lay by her crying.
  5. You walk away sadly with your ears down. Then you see the she-wolf again. You notice dry blood on her paws and mouth.
  6. You run up to her on surprise and give her a big blow that kills her. You stand I front her breathing heavily.
  7. You walk away seeing your mom hanging on a cliff that leads into the river. You run towards her when she accidentally knocks you down leaving you both hanging on the cliff.
  8. You let go pushing your mom up but you fall into the river. You listen to your mom scream and cry. You start drowning then die with a smile on your face knowing you saved a life.
  9. Ok! Ready to see your final results?
  10. First, do you remember my name?

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Quiz topic: What's my Wolf Destiny

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