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  • Thanks for the comments.

    JansMom Oct 17 '09, 12:50AM
  • Your Result: Love!

    You'll meet someone who is really into you. You'll settle down and have a nice family. You may have a tough life, but a least you have love. That's what matters.
    Adventure !



    joshub Oct 13 '09, 9:05AM
  • Choices: 8/10
    Grammar/Spell ing: 9/10
    Fun: 9/10
    Questions: 9/10

    Overall Score: 87.5% rounded up to 9/10

    timothy4444 Oct 11 '09, 1:41AM
  • Yeah i'm going to be on the big screen !!!!I'm going to be my dream job !!!!FYI I don't care about becoming rich i just want to be a singer and SING !

    Xy624 Oct 10 '09, 8:43PM
  • cool im gonna be rich! :) nice quiz.

    heroes_fann96 Oct 10 '09, 6:30PM

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