What's Your Reading Personality?

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Reading is a journey where we all go on our own adventure in our own way based on our interests and books we choose to read! Some people love a good sports read. Others love to get lost in an epic fantasy.

Take this fun quiz to discover and explore your reading personality! After you're done, you'll get to meet readers who like the same things as you and start searching for good-fit books!

Created by: Amberlee and Jen
  1. What's in your backpack?
  2. Weekends are for...
  3. Favorite morning routine?
  4. Think of your favorite book. What color comes to mind?
  5. Which nightmare would frighten you most?
  6. When it comes to my preferred reading genre:
  7. Other genres I like are:
  8. My book club members include:
  9. Sun or moon?
  10. My idea of “Happily Ever After” is…
  11. Which of these settings best fits your favorite reading spot?
  12. When I grow up, I would write books about…
  13. What do you look for in a main character BFF?
  14. I want the books I read to inspire dreams or nightmares?

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Quiz topic: What's my Reading Personality?