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  • What's Your Personality Type?
    Your Result: The Dominance Type 83%

    resultEmphasis on shaping ones environment by overcoming oppotition to accomplish results. You are set on getting immediate results and accepting challenges, You make quick decisions and question the norm. You make a good authority figure in groups and can solve problems with ease. You are best paired with people who calculate risk and reward while using caution. As well as someone who can recognize the needs of others. You can improve yourself by recognizing that you need people, wether it be for moral guidance or otherwise as well as to help you relax and slow down.

    45% The Influence Type
    28% The Conscientiousness Type
    26% The Steadiness Type

  • The Conscientiousness Type

    Emphasis on shaping ones environment by working conscientiously to ensure quality and accuracy. You are good at adhearing to directives and standards while concentrating on key details. You weigh the pros and cons in situations and are diplomatic within a group. You analyz your preformance critically and use a systematic approach to situations. You work best when given clear direction and excel in a business-like environment. You value oppurtunities to demonstrate your abilities to others question the how and why of things. You should work with those who can delegate tasks, encourage teamwork and use policy to ensure quality. You can improve yourself by repecting people's personal worth as much as their accomplishments and develop a tolerance to conflict.

    Great quiz!

  • The dominant type of person, mostly true sense I like to go by my own rules and instincts alot rather than boring society standards instead along with being in control. Cool quiz mate.

  • not really accurate, but you sounded so professional I rated 10 stars anyway

  • Your Result: The Conscientiousness Type

  • steadiness


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