what's your personality?

It's ME again Scar but this time i'm going to tell you your personality hope you enjoy it. There are many personalities but which is yours?

Which personality is yours? For this quiz i'm the personality gypsie i tell you your personality! Ha! HA! Enjoy it and please rate! -Scar >

Created by: Scar

  1. Do you wake up suddenly and realize you slept without knowing it?
  2. do you daydream often?
  3. if your parents accused you of something you didn't do would you explain to them you didn't do it?
  4. Are you usually happy?
  5. what's your favorite color?
  6. do you like exciting but thrilling things?
  7. Are you honest?
  8. you're at a cemetry and it's raining and you see a women, staring at you with unusual purple glowing eyes what do you do?
  9. would you like to dance in the rain?
  10. Do you like to do things fast sometimes?
  11. do you have friends?
  12. if something was dangerous would you do it?
  13. when you get a bad dream does your heart beat very fast and won't stop until a few minutes?
  14. ready for your results?

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Quiz topic: What's my personality?