Canterbury Pilgrims

When traveling with a group of people, you will come upon several different personalities and it is important to know whether or not your personality will be able to fit well with most especially in a long journey. Knowing this information might help you in your future with dealing with people of different personalities also.

This may not be a psychological assessment but I have done my best to pick out some of the key traits and tie them into everyday lifestyles. Hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Julia

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  1. My attire and wardrobe are important to me?
  2. I would rather be helping someone else before I meet my own needs?
  3. My faith is important to me?
  4. I am concerned about what others think of me?
  5. If someone or something were in need of help I would probably stop what I am doing to help them?
  6. I will indulge in drinking alcohol
  7. I really enjoy my life at the stage that I am in now.
  8. I am lookingforward to ending this journey?
  9. I look forward to a change in lifestyle in my near future?
  10. It is sometimes difficult to understand legalistics and what God says?

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