What's your inner animal?

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Our World is filled with glorious animals; mammals, reptiles, amphibians and more. Each animal varies greatly in its location and behaviour. So many are now endangered because of human and natural activities

My quiz will help you determine what animal you truly are inside out of the 10 possible options. Answer the question as truly as you possibly can and if you cant find an options that fits you exactly select the closest one to you

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Do you prefer Day or Night?
  2. If you were an Animal what would you eat?
  3. What Habitat would you prefer?
  4. How sociable would you be with people?? (Traffic lights method)
  5. Would you rather stay with a group or be alone?
  6. What is your preferred temperature?
  7. Are you more on alert or relaxed?
  8. Are you more Athletic or Lazy?
  9. Would you say image is important?
  10. Which one of these Hobbies would you prefer?
  11. Would you rather Scavenge or Hunt?

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Quiz topic: What's my inner animal?