What's Your Core Aesthetic?

This will find what your core aesthetic is! I Hope this will help you!! If it doesn't, please use my email and give me suggestions, it's much appreciated! :) ♡

If you didn't like it, don't leave hate, just go or email me suggestions, like I said I will really appreciate it! Have a good day! *uwu* *♡* *Hugs* :)

Created by: Quinn

  1. The dreaded question.... Favorite color!!
  2. Favorite sport? If you don't like sports, pick one your family has done.
  3. Favorite Animal? uwu
  4. Favorite Food? Once again, dreaded question!
  5. Yes or no questions now! Do you like nature?
  6. Do you have any journals?
  7. Back to normal ones! Hobby?
  8. Did you enjoy this and should i make more? Don't worry, it's no effect! ♡
  9. Choose your fate! No effect haha.
  10. Have a good day! No Effect again. :)

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Quiz topic: What's my Core Aesthetic?