What Nature Aesthetic Are You?

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What object in nature defines you? You could be the rain, the beach, the mountains, or anything else! Answer this ten-question-quiz and you'll find out what nature aesthetic represents you!

This quiz has ten questions to it. Answer with whatever feels best, but take time to think over your answers. I'm very proud of this quiz, as I spent a lot of time on it, so I hope you enjoy!

Created by: vee
  1. Pick a word that describes you best:
  2. It's raining and you're running late for your plans. You only have room for one more thing in your bag. Do you bring:
  3. A small thing in nature that you love.
  4. Pick a song lyric:
  5. A place you'd want to hang out at on a Saturday night:
  6. Why?
  7. Pick a string of words:
  8. Where can you be found at a party?
  9. Pick a type of drink: (cw drinks obviously).
  10. And finally, pick one of the random objects from around my room.

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Quiz topic: What Nature Aesthetic am I?