What's Your Coffee IQ?

Whether you like your coffee black or prefer syrupy concoctions, you realize that--at Starbucks, at least--the words "Short," "Tall," "Grande," and "Venti" mean a world of difference.

Just because you're bright-eyed and busy-tailed because you're brimming with caffeine does not mean you know everything about a cup o' Joe. Take a shot and test your knowledge of all things coffee, and see how buzzed you really are!

Created by: Meg

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  1. "The Way I See It" appears on cups from.
  2. Rachael Ray is the spokesperson for which popular coffeehouse chain?
  3. Borders retail outlets feature in-store cafes from which coffee company?
  4. "Via Brew" instant coffee was recently introduced by.
  5. What is the largest coffee chain in the world?
  6. "The best part of waking up, is _____ in your cup"
  7. "Coolatta" is a frozen beverage available at.
  8. This brand of coffee is "Good to the Last Drop."
  9. Which coffee franchise is based out of Michigan?
  10. What is the smallest beverage available from Starbucks?

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Quiz topic: What's my Coffee IQ?