Coffee addiction

This is the best quiz. Take it and you will be addicted to coffee in no time at all. Coffee is wonderful. It's like a saint. If you feel this way then come take my quiz, if not then don't bother.

Find out if you are the worlds greatest coffee drinker...besides me of course. I really really really really really really really like coffee and i'm sure that you do to. So take my quiz!

Created by: Cindy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which would you normally drink on a casual occasion?
  2. How many times a day do you usually drink coffee?
  3. How do you like your coffee?
  4. How much do you spend on coffee a day?
  5. Why do you drink coffee?
  6. Have you ever been told you drink too much coffee?
  7. Do you buy coffee for other people?
  8. What's your favorite coffee place?
  9. Whats your favorite flavor?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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