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  • never mind.. bye -_-

    Frankiee Feb 6 '15, 5:55AM
  • what's included in best feature? i dont really get it. please help

    Frankiee Feb 6 '15, 5:53AM
  • Smile? Uh, no. But accurate description.

    Fallout3 Sep 19 '12, 11:41PM
  • smarts...obviously typical.

    x_brii_x Mar 8 '10, 9:18PM
  • 0o0o0 personality sweetz!

    gh2008 Apr 23 '08, 7:16PM
  • smile,personality,s marts. lol true.

    Bubblez LOL Apr 7 '08, 10:14AM
  • This quiz was actually normal! My smile is nice I've been told!

    iHeartNickJerryJonas Mar 28 '08, 10:56PM
  • Your Result: Smile

    You smile tells people that you are really upbeat and happy, and want to share that feeling with everyone. You are always the center of attention and you have a great style!

    Rockstar Mar 24 '08, 3:23PM
  • Smarts....true, I suppose. I'm told I'm intelligent, and to a certain degree believe it, but somehow, I feel as if....I'm sort of idiotic sometimes, that I can be better, and I can be stubborn. Personality was pretty low, smile the lowest (I never smile).

    Silverring Mar 24 '08, 12:22AM
  • I know you???

    aszand_58 Mar 23 '08, 10:22PM
  • OMG i totally agree with u softball_lover4. By the way you know me??

    Huntingbabe1 Mar 23 '08, 9:56PM
  • it says smile.. so accurate!! i do have an amazing smile!!! lol

    softball_lover4 Mar 23 '08, 8:56PM
  • smarts... cool... next was personality... i like this quiz itz nice

    X_RockChicLuvzEmoMusic_X Mar 23 '08, 8:31PM

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