What's your animal totem?

Do YOU want to know YOUR animal totem is? Well, on my test you will know your true animal spirit! I worked VERY hard on this test! it took me a long time!

I have researched shamin facts on how they find out what other people's animal totems are.I found out! It's true! if you want to know what your Animal totem is, take my test! Have Fun!

Created by: Lakeray of Animal Totems
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  1. Are you fast?
  2. Are you territorial? (do not want anybody getting into your personal space)
  3. Do you have a loud voice?
  4. Do you love anything cold?
  5. Do you like the warm weather?
  6. Are you anxious to find a mate and start a family?
  7. Do you like heights?
  8. Do you like climbing?
  9. Are you lazy and a bit of a grump at times?
  10. Do you like the shade?
  11. Would you rather choose the mountain path or the dry desert path?

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Quiz topic: What's my animal totem?