What Animal Are You Most Like?

What is your destiny animal? What animal is most like you? Don't know? We don't expect you to! And if you're begging to know, this is DEFINITELY the quiz for you.

Even though there's only a few animals, it's a great, fun quiz to find out your destined animal. There's heaps of possibilities, you could be something from a Mouse through to a Wolf!

Created by: Ash - A real Wolf!
  1. Where is your favourite spot to rest?
  2. Would you rather live in a group or alone?
  3. Who would you protect with your life?
  4. What is your favourite food supply?
  5. Do you like swimming?
  6. What is your favourite colour? (Obviously this was coming.)
  7. Which of these describes you best?
  8. A bear is attacking you! What do you do?
  9. Are you a passenger, or a driver? :D
  10. Where would you rather live?
  11. What animal do you think you are most like?
  12. Ha! You thought that was the last one! What is your favourite thing to do?
  13. What do you think your best sport is?
  14. What is your favourite kind of animal family?

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