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  • I'm not surprised, Cori, 49% of the Surplass are girls

  • PS3-super accurate. I HATE lag. Time Warner Cable is so bad I had to stop MW3 because it is so laggy, games I like to play are Call of Duty-MW and MW3, PayDay1&2, AC- Revelations, GTA-SA/VC/4/5, Minecraft, Beyond Two Souls(one of the BEST games ever only for PS3,) Midnight Club, Rage, Bleach-Soul Resserucion, and how many more. If you have money please email it to [no emails] so I can REbuy Beyond Two Souls. I let a friend borrow it and he never gave it back. FCKIN DICK

  • I Got PS3 I Have A PS2 And A Wii

    A lot Of People Would Be Surpised That I Play Video

    Games Since Im A Girl


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