What RWBY Character are you?

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For those who love RWBY. For those who can't watch anything else. For those who REFUSE to watch anything else. We love these girls and they love us. We love this anime.

So who are you? Hands up here, who's cold and whiny but cool like Weiss? Who's Ruby? Impulsive and innocent? Who's fiery and temperamental like Yang? Who's calm and collected like Blake? Find out!

Created by: Pyro
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  1. Hello! Welcome to the quiz! Q1.) Big ass plate of cookies on the table. What do you do? Go.
  2. Oh no! Someone's picking on your friend! What do you do? Go.
  3. There's no light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Boop.
  5. Someone challenges you to a fight. They are bigger than you.
  6. I spend ages on this test so you can blow through it in about 20 seconds.
  7. Uh oh! An URSA!
  8. What's your favourite food?
  9. Violence. Thoughts?
  10. How did you find this?
  11. Final question: What do you think of the TV show Scorpion?

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Quiz topic: What RWBY Character am I?