What role are you in The pack? (Made up thing)

Its adout my future series in some months and it's important to me that i get it done to see how many people and animals are in each role is this quiz a series? Yep! There will be a part 2! Is this becoming a movie? Yep!

Please wait for more quizzes to come out :) Thanks! If you go into another quiz of mine you will be the best! Thanks everyone! Even You! I love you all!

Created by: Lunaxsalem

  1. You saw somebody getting hurt. what would you do?
  2. You ran away from the pack but then Got into a battle what would you do
  3. There's a woman sitting next to a edge saying "HELP ME NOW!" will you help her?
  4. Do you want to eat me owo"
  5. You see a werido assaulting a old woman what would you do
  6. You hear a sound of a whisper "Look at me child" what will you say
  7. Are you a child said a crying woman
  8. You said help waiting for a person tell me what you think that person looks like
  9. You whispered something what did you say?
  10. End :3

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Quiz topic: What role am I in The pack? (Made up thing)