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  • Rock & Pop video song watching & download here

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    About know Rackstar Jazzy J. So visit this website. Here you download & watching new Rackstar,Rock, Pop video song.

    sadia Dec 19 '11, 11:06AM
  • [just a suggestion] you should add black sabbath, ACDC, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Temple of the Dog, Black Stone Cherry, Motogrster, Stained, Godsmack, Nickleback, Papa Roach, or even Shinedown, man I could go on and on x)

    KBlue Nov 20 '11, 4:41PM
  • heard that song waaaaay too much (MCR teenagers) hmm. i dont really understand..

    Kudos Dino Feb 24 '10, 12:02PM
  • Hell yeah! i got MCR- teenagers and 2nd i got FOB - thanks 4 the mmrs!!

    patd_rules Apr 22 '08, 8:06AM
  • how the f--- am I fall out boy?!?!?!?! fall out boy is horrible. They say they are emo, but their label says "pop/rock". This quiz could be more metal.

    Nirvanafan Apr 18 '08, 9:38AM
  • lol im read hot chili peppers i wish i was snow patrol but whatever

    Abiswim39 Apr 13 '08, 4:58PM
  • you should have some QUEEN songs on there.

    Terra Apr 7 '08, 6:25PM
  • my chemical romance- teenagers!!!!

    hardrockfreak Apr 7 '08, 4:19PM
  • cool thnks fr th mmrs is an awesome song. ha ha one night stand. lol thats in that song heck yes one night stands

    vampemochickrockon Apr 7 '08, 3:32PM
  • Hehe sweeeeeet! i love thnks fr th mmrs. its a geat song!! cool quiz man.

    nandi90 Apr 6 '08, 9:15PM

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