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  • Oh and yeah I think someone likes the Teletubbies.......

    Ginnyprincess Oct 16 '16, 3:18AM
  • What's Staind?

    Ginnyprincess Oct 16 '16, 3:17AM
  • Don't know any of these but good quiz ;)

    Marissa_1234 Mar 19 '15, 10:06PM
  • Staind!!!
    I think who ever made the quiz is obsessed with tellatubbys

    3dg is life Mar 10 '15, 11:21PM
  • The Fray

    Kiersten 1D Oct 23 '14, 5:21PM
  • Listen to Jesus Of Seburbia if you haven't heard it. (GREENDAY)

    MendesGal Aug 2 '14, 8:33PM
  • The fray my favorite song tooyaaas

    Ashley_mc09 Jun 16 '14, 3:13PM

    Water_an_Wisdom Mar 9 '14, 10:06PM
  • Greenday ^_^

    bandwhore Jan 2 '14, 3:21PM
  • The Fray :)

    Jeffresonthecat Jan 1 '14, 11:50PM
  • oh my god!!! i love this song, we are learning it in guitar class!!

    lamblambandsophi Apr 3 '13, 7:36PM
  • i think this person secretly likes the telletubbies

    ilovedc Nov 25 '12, 8:19PM
  • Cool i got staind i like that band :)

    BabyLisa95 May 22 '12, 1:31PM
  • Staind? Really? O.O

    ToxicCupcake Feb 26 '12, 6:02AM
  • Green Day

    "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question but a lesson learned in time." YYAAYY!!! you spelled Billie Joe and Green Day wrong!!!

    art and music Dec 30 '11, 1:35PM
  • i dont care how many hours u spent on this quiz, but just 2 b real this crap suck(no affense).!!!!!!

    2cool4life Feb 19 '11, 4:08PM
  • i got fergie which i dont really get, anyway ,BBAlover1, linkin park is cool and so is green day, :P

    Sum1 Oct 29 '10, 6:23AM
  • @BBAlover1 yeah putting ur number online is stupidddddd :/
    epic fail

    Shaysterrr Oct 12 '10, 11:38AM
  • I got green day. their my second favorite band, next to Linkin park.

    BBAlover1 Aug 25 '10, 5:07AM
  • hey, im blue 898u's sis im super cute and lovable my cell# is (928) 714-9774 call me plus if your not stupid and ugly maybe ill like you j.k.xoxo :)!!!!

    blue898u Jul 25 '10, 11:23PM
  • xcept for the tellie tubbies part what are u....7??? (in comment to the whole "ur good" part of my last comment)

    iamashr Apr 22 '10, 3:08PM
  • @mattbat, It's NOT billy joel it's billie joe but yes, Green Day is two words PEOPLE TYPE IT RIGHT ALREADY!

    xxGreenDayxx Feb 21 '10, 9:28PM

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