What race are you racist against?

Find out if you really are racist. It's easy, just take this quiz. Hehe

Are you a hater or what? Find out. Answer the questions. You will learn something about yourself.

Created by: Skie
  1. What is your race?
  2. What race do you not like?
  3. Do you like short people?
  4. Do you like nappy hair?
  5. Do you like blue eyes?
  6. Do you hate it when people say "ain't"
  7. Do you not like any skin colors?
  8. Do you think slavery was wrong?
  9. How much money do you/your parents make yearly?
  10. Do you think if someone doesn't have a job, they're not trying hard enough to get one?
  11. Do you believe white people should only date white people?
  12. Would you ever date a mexican?
  13. You like..
  14. Are you white?
  15. Do you think black/mexican girls are not?
  16. Do you like durags(however you spell it)that long thing guys wear on their heads
  17. Who is your hero?
  18. Do you watch shows about Latinas
  19. Do you think white people make more money than Mexicans?
  20. What race do you think has the highest number of drop-outs (in high school)
  21. Ok, last one; do you thinl this quiz was fair or a bit racist?

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Quiz topic: What race am I racist against?