What Precious Gem Are You?

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Gems are sometimes rare, sweet, and nice to have around. They can sometimes reflect and seem human-like to people. It's because our attitudes are like these gems sometimes.

What precious gem are you? Are you the fiery ruby, the sweet sapphire, the good-old emerald, the sharp diamond, or the colorful personalitied opal????

Created by: Fire_Fairy
  1. Do you have different personalities and people inside you?
  2. Which color is to your preference?
  3. Which SHAPE is to your preference?
  4. ______ is your favorite gem.
  5. Can you have sweet side, but then turn with a fiery attitude?
  6. Do you have colorful personalities?
  7. Can you have a sharp tone and a bossy attitude at SOME times?
  8. Is keeping the world green important, at ALL?
  9. Can you be sweet for at least an hour without letting anything nasty slip out?
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz: check out these others by moi :)

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Quiz topic: What Precious Gem am I?