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  • Machamp

    Md2004 Oct 5 '18, 9:58AM
  • HAUNTER!!!!!!!!! Lololololololol!!!! !!!

    AkumaLol May 10 '16, 9:34AM
  • I wiiiish i could get Pikachuuuuu!!! :DDDDDD

    Pientahna Jul 22 '15, 9:04AM
  • Mewtwo! Fu*k yeah!

    xxxDeltaAbsolxxx May 2 '15, 9:31PM
  • Mime jr. It's not that bad I guess

    Pokemonsbich Apr 8 '15, 10:49PM
  • Heeelll yeaaa mewtwo 4 the win

    Epicminerpro Dec 28 '14, 1:19AM
  • I tied primape and haunter

    ldaddy2029 Feb 20 '14, 4:21AM
  • Mewtwo, my favorite Pokemon personality-wise. Of course I would get him.

    Kurokaze14 Feb 3 '13, 1:07AM
  • Mr Mime... It's Like They Know Me!

    SilverMoon8 May 14 '12, 4:03PM
  • ME gott pikachu..the description doesnt reallyy suitt me though..

    MrWhiskers Jan 26 '12, 9:45AM
  • I got Pikachu. Apart from the fact of being over confident, (because i actually have very lttle) the results were accurate based off the description.

    scorpion May 29 '11, 5:08AM

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