What Pizza Shuttle Specialty Pizza Are You?

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You've been inhabiting Pizza Shuttle's lair for years, zealously devouring every new creation to exit the oven. You remember when Pizza Shuttle served custard instead of ice cream and know all our current chicken wings sauces by heart. We probably even know you by name.

So we have a long relationship that's developed a very special personality. You're dying to know, "What Pizza Shuttle Specialty Pizza am I most like?" How do I fit into this crazy world?!

Created by: Pizza Shuttle
  1. What goes best with pizza?
  2. What do you wash your pizza down with?
  3. Where's your stomping grounds?
  4. What's your typical Saturday night like?
  5. If you could share a Shuttle pizza with any celebrity, dead or alive, you'd pick:
  6. How would you impress your 1st date at Pizza Shuttle?
  7. You can't eat a Pizza Shuttle pizza without adding this topping:
  8. The idea of non-traditional sauces on pizza, such as pesto or hummus, fills you with:
  9. If you could possess any super power, what would it be?
  10. What's the most important part of a pizza?

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Quiz topic: What Pizza Shuttle Specialty Pizza am I?