what type of pizza are you

There are people who will be sitting around their house one day wondering what kind of pizza they are, i know i have.But now,you don't have to wonder, you can know!!

This quiz will probably make you feel disgusted in a way,because some of the flavors on here aren't very good.If you like the flavor you get then good job.

Created by: sara
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where do you normally get your pizza?
  2. How often do you eat pizza?
  3. What would you choose out of these pizza toppings?
  4. Do you like to eat meat?
  5. Do you like to eat veggies?
  6. Do you like to eat fruit?
  7. Do you eat junk food?
  8. What is your body type?
  9. Do you like Papa John's or Pizza Hut?
  10. Are you considered lazy?

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Quiz topic: What type of pizza am I