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  • I actually do have the fear of the dark I've had it sense I was 9 I'm now 24 and still have it it's just so cold I can't see barely everything looks like a killer or something that can hurt me any sound makes me scared and especially like right now its pitch black and a loud thunderstorm I had things that happened to me in the dark as well when i was younger it's just ugh I hate it darkness is like a void of isolation and nightmares I can't explain how horrible it is

  • What Phobia Do You Have?
    Your Result: Ophidiophobia

    Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia) something about those scaly, slithering things gives you the jitters. Harmless or not, They have you panicing. Dont fret though, you can break through.

    finally a quiz which gave correct results.i get creeped out by snakes

  • This was a very cool and describing quiz. It was accurate for me but I wanted to get another result as my first result also. Good job for catching some of the phobias that I might have on this quiz! ;)

  • This poll is based on 5 phobias ..I found that I have phobia of asymmetrical objects and later found that I also have fear of reptiles, dark and so on ... :-(

    I have an app in my mobile which lists all phobias ..if anybody needs help :[no urls]?id=com.Kulu.P hobias

  • I'm actually claustrophobic(hate tight places) and yes i hate the dark and I always think that when I close my eyes there's something watching me lol I'm strange

  • I got phobialess, but I do have fears, they are just deeper than the ones on the quiz. Nice quiz, of course. I fear life without technology. Is there a name for that? Lol.

  • i have acrophobia (fear of heights) and achluophobia (the fear of darkness). i'm always afraid i will fall off great heights, and when i'm in the dark i feel that ghosts are watching me. those are the sources of my fears, they all started when i had a certain nightmare.

  • It might be true that I dont have any phobias, but that could just be that not every phobia is listed. Sometimes though I feel uncomfortable around people.

  • I got arachnophobia and ophidiophobia. I wouldn't say I'm terrified of spiders, I just don't like them touching me (as I am with most things). As for snakes, I love them!

  • I have a terrible phobia of spiders I already knew that. I can handle anything else put me in a room with a bajillion snakes scorpions and whatever I will love it but spiders no

  • Your Result: Arcahnophobia

    You have a fear of spiders. From daddy long legs to black widows, spiders really give you the creeps. Many people share this fear. You are not alone. Good luck

    58% Acrophobia
    16% Phobialess
    5% Ophidiophobia
    0% Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.

    The faded smoke
  • I'm definitely not phobia-less. I suffer from the fear of people in costumes ( dunno the smart word for it lol) and the fear of windows

  • Except i'm not scared of monsters or the dark. Mostly things like spiders and heights and all insects and bugs.. including butterflys!!

  • Your result: Acrophobia 89%

    The fear of heights. From roller coasters to sky scrapers, you can't stand heights. Just don't look down. :) don't fret though, you can break through.

    58% Ophidiophobia
    31% Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
    30% Phobialess
    5% Arcahnophobia
    Well interesting :^

  • Um... 5 phobias, the questions dont have a lot of variety. On the cabin one there was no option for bringing a weapon Incase if a human/animal entering.

  • ha! i knew i would get thaa snake-a-phobia one! i'm deathly scared of snakes! im also clourophobic - meaning im deathly scared of clowns and closterphobic - meaning im scared of tight places and being crowded! this quiz was kinda cool! i give it a thumbs up:D

  • i also get scared of when i'm alone and it's really quiet. thats why i fall asleep with the TV on every night. my mom has aphobia of lots of gum. started in a nightmare where she ate alot of gum and it stuck to the roof of her mouth and she could not get it off or talk. creepy.

  • I don't have a fear. It says I have a phobia of heights, but I don't fear heights unless it is visibly unstable.

  • That is so strange... I had a dream of a scorpion last night and that was tied for my second biggest phobia.

  • My phobia is needles and feat cream our I'm fine with bugs and it said that bugs were my phobia?

  • phobia less i wouldn't excactly say that i have a fear of tight spaces chrstophobia i a fear of heights too so i am not phobia less but thanks for saying so but i rate on if the quiz is good not if its nice to me so i give you an 8/10

  • OK, Well, either you are afraid of phobias, or you are fearless (or I just didn't list your fear) come on though, think hard, something must give you the heebie jeebies!! result: phobialess

  • I am fearless! (except for roller coasters *shiver*)

  • I have three or two phobias I hate the dark,snakes,and spiders

  • I got nothing.

    Ellis Redding

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