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  • I actually do have the fear of the dark I've had it sense I was 9 I'm now 24 and still have it it's just so cold I can't see barely everything looks like a killer or something that can hurt me any sound makes me scared and especially like right now its pitch black and a loud thunderstorm I had things that happened to me in the dark as well when i was younger it's just ugh I hate it darkness is like a void of isolation and nightmares I can't explain how horrible it is

  • i have a fear of darkness so a phobia, called nytophobia. when im laying in bed without light on at night i can hear my heart racing. one time the electricity fell out....... at night....... i was scared for life, i was alone so nobody was there to keep me under control. and im not joking, i was screaming, my heart was racing and i thought at one moment i couldnt get oxygen anymore. I was moing very heavy to get oxygen but then, i passed out everything began to get black around me and so i passed out. When i woke up the electricity was on again and i saw my parents standing around me. They took me to the hospital and there they said that i was fine and that i only had nyctophobia. They told my parents and me what to do at night. so if you have it too, here some tips that might help you a bit.

    1: always let a night lamp on. it can help you because there is then a light in the room.

    2: if the electricity fall out, ran immediatly to then person with nyctophobia, it can help them to have someone around them. it can help them too with not passing out and can be keeped under control.

    3: dont let someone with nyctophobia home alone at night, why not? because the electricity can fall out and the person can like me pass out.

    hope the tips helped you

  • What Phobia Do You Have?
    Your Result: Ophidiophobia

    Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia) something about those scaly, slithering things gives you the jitters. Harmless or not, They have you panicing. Dont fret though, you can break through.

    finally a quiz which gave correct results.i get creeped out by snakes

    • I remember my spirit animal being a snake

  • This was a very cool and describing quiz. It was accurate for me but I wanted to get another result as my first result also. Good job for catching some of the phobias that I might have on this quiz! ;)

  • This poll is based on 5 phobias ..I found that I have phobia of asymmetrical objects and later found that I also have fear of reptiles, dark and so on ... :-(

    I have an app in my mobile which lists all phobias ..if anybody needs help :[no urls]?id=com.Kulu.P hobias

  • I'm actually claustrophobic(hate tight places) and yes i hate the dark and I always think that when I close my eyes there's something watching me lol I'm strange

  • I got arachnophobia and ophidiophobia. I wouldn't say I'm terrified of spiders, I just don't like them touching me (as I am with most things). As for snakes, I love them!

  • I got phobialess, but I do have fears, they are just deeper than the ones on the quiz. Nice quiz, of course. I fear life without technology. Is there a name for that? Lol.

  • i have acrophobia (fear of heights) and achluophobia (the fear of darkness). i'm always afraid i will fall off great heights, and when i'm in the dark i feel that ghosts are watching me. those are the sources of my fears, they all started when i had a certain nightmare.

  • Phobialess,I don't really have any phobias on here but I am scared of eating but that's more so a eating disorder I guess than a phobia. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • It might be true that I dont have any phobias, but that could just be that not every phobia is listed. Sometimes though I feel uncomfortable around people.

  • I have a terrible phobia of spiders I already knew that. I can handle anything else put me in a room with a bajillion snakes scorpions and whatever I will love it but spiders no

  • I have the split personality disorder and so one side of me is very scared of most thing's while the other side does not care at all.

    the ace of cards
  • Your Result: Arcahnophobia

    You have a fear of spiders. From daddy long legs to black widows, spiders really give you the creeps. Many people share this fear. You are not alone. Good luck

    58% Acrophobia
    16% Phobialess
    5% Ophidiophobia
    0% Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.

    The faded smoke
  • I'm definitely not phobia-less. I suffer from the fear of people in costumes ( dunno the smart word for it lol) and the fear of windows

  • Except i'm not scared of monsters or the dark. Mostly things like spiders and heights and all insects and bugs.. including butterflys!!

  • Your result: Acrophobia 89%

    The fear of heights. From roller coasters to sky scrapers, you can't stand heights. Just don't look down. :) don't fret though, you can break through.

    58% Ophidiophobia
    31% Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
    30% Phobialess
    5% Arcahnophobia
    Well interesting :^

  • Um... 5 phobias, the questions dont have a lot of variety. On the cabin one there was no option for bringing a weapon Incase if a human/animal entering.

  • ha! i knew i would get thaa snake-a-phobia one! i'm deathly scared of snakes! im also clourophobic - meaning im deathly scared of clowns and closterphobic - meaning im scared of tight places and being crowded! this quiz was kinda cool! i give it a thumbs up:D

  • i also get scared of when i'm alone and it's really quiet. thats why i fall asleep with the TV on every night. my mom has aphobia of lots of gum. started in a nightmare where she ate alot of gum and it stuck to the roof of her mouth and she could not get it off or talk. creepy.

  • Phobialess

    OK, Well, either you are afraid of phobias, or you are fearless (or I just didn't list your fear) come on though, think hard, something must give you the heebie jeebies!!


  • I don't have a fear. It says I have a phobia of heights, but I don't fear heights unless it is visibly unstable.

  • That is so strange... I had a dream of a scorpion last night and that was tied for my second biggest phobia.

  • My phobia is needles and feat cream our I'm fine with bugs and it said that bugs were my phobia?

  • phobia less i wouldn't excactly say that i have a fear of tight spaces chrstophobia i a fear of heights too so i am not phobia less but thanks for saying so but i rate on if the quiz is good not if its nice to me so i give you an 8/10


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