What pet should you get?

There are quiet a few people who want pets. Some want them for disabilities, companionship, breeding, and gifts sometimes. But do you know which one you want?

If this quiz inspires you to actually adopt a animal, I recommend a local animal shelter where there a lot of variety of animals to pick from and animals who you will save from never being adopted.

Created by: Caelin2
  1. Are you athletic?
  2. Do you want a little pet?
  3. When you come home and see litter paw prints what do you think?
  4. I take you to a shelter and you look at the:
  5. Do you want a pet?
  6. Have you ever had a pet and if so what?
  7. Would you want to dress up a dog or cat
  8. Do you have younger siblings who could touch the rodent or even the horse?
  9. What kind of pet would you want
  10. Bye! Thanks!

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Quiz topic: What pet should I get?