What pet is right for you? by PawPrint101

What pet fits your personality? This is a good to take if you're thinking of getting a pet. You don't want a pet that doesn't fit you. So take my quiz to find out what you should get!

Come on! Your result is just a couple clicks away! Find out what pet you should get! DO IT NOW! DO IT! DO IT! NOW! Sorry. I just really want someone to take it!

Created by: PawPrint101

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  1. You personality is?
  2. What kid of friend are you?
  3. What animal do you prefer?
  4. What personality would you want from your pet?
  5. Your animal would mostly be?
  6. Your parent tells you their getting a dog. Your reaction?
  7. Your parent tells you their getting a cat. Your reaction?
  8. Your parent tells you their getting a bird. Your reaction?
  9. Your parent tells you their getting a rabbit. Your reaction?
  10. Did you like the quiz? No effect.

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