What Percentage of you is Teacher's Pet

This quiz will show you if you are a Teachers Pet or just a plain Trouble maker. I will guess your'e average grade and see if your'e a goody goodie. Hope you like it. Please comment and rate. Now don't read the second paragraph cause itas just gibberish

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Created by: mvpender

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does your teacher mostly pick you to help out him/her?
  2. Does your teacher let you do things she doesn't let other people do?
  3. Does anybody call you teachers pet?
  4. Are you really smart and get good grades?
  5. Do you annoy your teacher to their limits?
  6. Is your teacher very strict towards you but not other people?
  7. Are you always prepared for class?
  8. Do you dress up for all the holiday stuff at your school?
  9. Are you Mrs./Mr. Goody Two Shoes
  10. Are really neat or very sloppy?

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