What percent of you is wolf?

How much of a wolf are? Take the qiuz to find out! I DARE YOU!!!!!!!Or are you a house cat? Haha!Are you going to take that!? Well are you???????I wouldnt take the darn quiz!

Thanks for reading the wrightinng on top if you even did read the stupid thing! They make you right 150 letters when no ones going to even read it! Laughing out load!

Created by: Haley

  1. In a argument do you tend to feel your ankles about to rise?
  2. What is your favriot color?
  3. Do you find youself scratching behing you ear?
  4. Do you find youself....
  5. Like this qiuz?
  6. If you are in physical fight would you win?
  7. Scared of the forest?
  8. Is your jaw in a narrow shape?
  9. How well do you 'bark'
  10. Do people refure you as a wolf?

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