what one are you?

all ways wondering if you are balto,jenna or pups well say no more this quiz will see who you are from the movie balto for everyone hope this wasn't horrible i made it on 11/29

say no more got to figure out who you are plz send me comments about how you did tell me how you did if you have any request for me tell me you will probably score high who knows this is only for fun

Created by: balto30 of webkinz.com
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  1. how nice are you?
  2. what animal do you like
  3. are you though
  4. do you have fell in love
  5. what is your favorite color?
  6. what tipe of paws
  7. what size
  8. eye color
  9. what do you do
  10. emotions

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Quiz topic: What one am I?