Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer quiz

Some of you might hate the movie some love it, this quiz is to see if you know a lot about this movie or not. If you hate the movie then too bad, I wasn't trying to torture you.

Also, I believe you don't have to swear to get through me, I barely have enough time for quiz generating so I might not make the best ones in the best categories, when summer break, the thing most of us adolescents awaits, I'll try to fit more intriguing quizzes. (No need to compliment my grammar and vocabular skills, I have made it to GNT before for both subjects math and ELA, I'm not dumb).

Created by: Eric

  1. Let's start off easy who's the main protagonist of the movie?
  2. Who's the main Antagonist?
  3. What were the main character's last name (yes they are a family including Jake, his parents, his sister, and maybe even his dog Doofus)
  4. Here's the medium part so no ridiculous answer choices. Who understands Jake the most?
  5. What does Grandma dress up as when she reads to the kids?
  6. What country is Jake in?
  7. Now here's the hard part if you don't know the movie. How did Cousin Mel try to buy the store from Grandma when she get's run over and haven't shown up for almost a year?
  8. Now this is really hard, it takes memorization. Continue the lyrics: Grandma's spending Christmas with the superstars Since that reindeer ran her down that fateful night....
  9. Base on Jake's room what's most likely to be his favorite subject?
  10. What song plays when Quincy, the head elf flies Jake to Santa.

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