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You’re sitting at your home watching a movie and after about an hour of pure torture say to yourself ‘Self… I can do better than this. I know I can’.

Well my friend, this is your chance. If ever there was an inexact science, it’s the business of movie making, but we do have some basic guidelines and insights which we believe will give the information we need on who will be our next financial superstar. Could this be you? Take the quiz and find out.

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  1. You are going to pick up an actor you are trying to sign on to your latest movie- what kind of car do you choose?
  2. You take this actor to a restaurant; remember you are trying to impress them. Where do you choose?
  3. You have in your corner office your signature drink for guests, which is
  4. Your first big opportunity, the studio has given you a 100 million to produce your first movie, what genre do you attack?
  5. These authors used to be hot... but some of their latest movies... not so much. Which one do you try to resurrect?
  6. One author who is almost bulletproof in Nicholas Sparks and you have the rights for his next tear jerker. You cannot mess this up, so who is do you choose, from the available, as your female lead?
  7. That 100 million doesn’t go as far as it used to so Depp, Smith, Pitt and Hanks are out of our range. But we need a good male lead. Who do you choose?
  8. You want to expand your movie empire to include tv. You know rebooting old shows is a sure thing. Which show would you resurrect?
  9. They said a sequel to these movies couldn’t be done. You want to prove them wrong
  10. You need to let those who enter your office that you're COMPLETELY down with the culture of celebrity. Which celebrity adult beverage do you have on display.
  11. You begged them not to, but they’re going to do it anyway and remake the classics. Out of respect you get to choose one NOT to be remade...
  12. While not as popular as police procedurals, medical dramas, or courtroom shows, Hollywood sure likes to make shows about itself. Which is the show you as a mogul would recommend about the business of show business?
  13. Their stars have long since faded, relegated to the abyss of Straight to DVD, but if you restore one back to their former glory, your status as a movie god will be cemented. Who do you choose?
  14. Christian Bale is done with it, and negotiations with Leonardo D. are breaking down for the MEGA Dark Knight reboot the studio is funding. Of these, who is plan B?
  15. Twenty years ago, no one would have guessed the mediocre rapper who is the star of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ would be the biggest movie star on the planet earth one day... which current hip hop star would you roll the dice on today?
  16. Crowd pleasing hits are fine, but every studio needs a controversial drama around awards season. Which of these scripts do you greenlight?

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