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  • Your Result: A yo-yo

    You're really fun and edgy and you like to move around a lot. However, you sometimes get tangled up in your own s--- and that can piss everyone off. Other than that, you're pretty cool and a little offbeat.

    Ninja Star
    A table cloth
    A scratch and sniff sticker
    A #1 mom shirt
    a razor blade
    Fake flowers

    At first, I wasn't sure if this result fit me. But now that I think about it, one could call me edgy and "a little" offbeat.

    Six stars.

  • Razor blade,I did have a abusive past and am still getting abused as well as trying to beat a disorder but you shouldn't say people are attention seeking just cuz their depressed that's kinda s---ty.

  • What object are you
    Your Result: A #1 mom shirt

    Wow, you're really lame, and you smell like moth balls because not even #1 moms wear #1 mom shirts. They don't wear them, yet they always look old and discolored. It sucks to be you.

    Wow. I'm not gonna rate THIS quiz highly. Thanks a lot.

    Adelie Penguin
  • amazing..all these things are true for me..some say that im cool and thats true..im not that kind of person that is so anger in attention. im contented on attention of what i've got- if it is simpe attention or anything.. but i guess, this joyce is a kind of girl that rocks you!!! stay cool :)

  • Imma scratch n sniff sticker. Dats sounds quite brute.


  • I'm a razor blade? ...I'm not sad and I only took the quiz once...


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