What NYC Boro are you?

Many people live or are from NYC. some also want to know which one is right for them. Lets see how you make out. Whether your from NY or Jersey or even the big state of Wyoming. Lets find out.

Are you the buisy body Manhattan dweller. or are you that attitude funny guy from the BK. find out here. Hey maybe your that person who dosn't know anything about the boros. It might be the only way to find out.

Created by: Donnie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where You born in the Nyc Metro area.
  2. What shoes yo rather kick it with.
  3. Are you disapointed to have a dominos pie instead of a traditional brick oven pie.
  4. How do you feel about Jersey?
  5. 1 bedroom apartment thats real small for rent for $1700/mo
  6. You spilled coffee on yourself...
  7. How would/does your house look
  8. How do you beep your car.
  9. JFK, La Guardia, Kennedy, or Newark. Whats better for a trip.
  10. you have to walf 3 blocks to get some milk...
  11. Do people take you seriously?
  12. Do you have that accent thats known all over?

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Quiz topic: What NYC Boro am I?