what naruto kyubbi are you

Do you want to know what demon in naruto you are? Then find out in this quiz. If your not a nauto fan then why not you never know. If you are and jsut plain curious then this is the wuiz for you. I also plan to make many other quizes!!! So have fun and be honest!!!

But of course if you hate anime then give it a shot you never know so discover what kind of demon are you and discover the world of naruto. So if you want to see what dark side you are just take this quiz it will let you know!!

Created by: marissa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who is your favorite character
  2. what is your favorite village
  3. what did you do to your village
  4. When letting the person that holds you use your power you
  5. Who is the person you would want to be sealed in
  6. how many tails do u want
  7. what is your seal look like
  8. why did you do this quiz
  9. how does your person react when they realize you are there
  10. what do you want to be

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