What Name Is Best Suited For Your Boyfriend?

Have you ever wondered what name really suits your boyfriend. Well here's your chance to find out. You could be shocked and surprised. Some of the names are based on famous people so don't be too upset if your boyfriends a Jesse (emo, sadsack) have fun and enjoy my result was a #$%@.

Haha have a fun time I'm just dragging this on coz I have to have 150 words... Ummm oh yea be sure to watch blades of glory because its the best frikken movie around. My qwiz is awesome ma friend helped me it pretty accurate if u ask me.

Created by: Laura kroft
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your boyfriends fave pastime?
  2. What are his parents like?
  3. Is your boyfriend taller than you?
  4. What skintone has he got?
  5. Your boyfriends's favourite colour.
  6. Wot type of date would he take you on.
  7. What's the worst thing you've done?
  8. How would you describe him?
  9. Do u think he is...
  10. Your main way of contact.
  11. Hair colour
  12. Best symbol 2 describe him.
  13. His b-day (random guess)
  14. Relationship stat. (to you)

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Quiz topic: What Name Is Best Suited For my Boyfriend?