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  • Elf.

    Poppy 101 Nov 5 '14, 12:21AM
  • werewolf

    chocolatefrog Nov 5 '13, 12:05PM
  • A vampire? That does not fit me at all, but my family is extremely important to me.

    Hawkbreeze Oct 17 '13, 1:39PM
  • I'm apparently an elf. The description does fit me pretty well.

    Kepler Aug 17 '12, 11:26PM
  • Vampire? That's not like me at all!

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 19 '12, 4:36PM
  • i got vampire. thats right. my star sign is scorpio and the description for scorpios are pretty similar to the description of vampires in this quiz.

    secret8 Jun 11 '12, 1:11PM
  • Vampire...now that I think about it, I do hate people for stupid reasons.

    vampgirl579 Aug 16 '11, 4:11PM
  • Elf!

    emzie13 Jun 27 '09, 11:04AM
  • What Mythical Creature Are You
    Your Result: Vampire

    You can hate people for stupid things and can be quite terrotorial. Not to mention sometimes going overboard with revenge. However you will sarifice almost anything for a loved one in need.


    WOOHOO!!!!!! VAMPS ROCK!! but i like werewolfs because of Jacob in New Moon coming up SO HOT!!!!!!

    x aka mrlq x Jun 23 '09, 4:40PM
  • Vampire...not very true..... i won't hate people for stupid reasons

    Carri04 Jun 23 '09, 1:46AM
  • I was a vampire! i do actually hat people for stupid reasons!

    gab Jun 16 '09, 3:51PM
  • I'm an elf...I can live with that.

    Ebillan Jun 16 '09, 11:24AM
  • werewolf is SO me.very happy rite now...COOKIE!

    allaround crazy Jun 16 '09, 10:52AM

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