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  • I gots Marylin Manson. I listen to him. Pretty dang cool when you're on a kick. Other than that, won't bother too much with it.

    Have you ever tried letting a mosquito bite you? It sucks, but I know how you can turn the torture AROUND on them. If you let them bite you somewhere like where a vein is, start moving the muscles that the mosquito is sucking and it'll drink too much blood and EXPLODE!!! IT'S AAWWEESSOOMMEE!!!!! !!!!! It's like *Bzzz* *Shank* *gurgle* *Eeee!* *Splat*.

  • OMG dont make fun of me k? But my result was jason mraz and i had to google him. And i listened to his song im yours ans i luv it lol. so thanx for helpin me find a new singer to listen to lol. but im not goin to lie i was kinda hopin to get some kind of oc---ry singer lol cause that's wat i love to listen to lol

  • Ah yes, the synithersizer...

    E Lunatic
  • o sorry i meant country not wat ever the crap i put up there


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