What mll team should you root for

Here you will learn the truth so do you whant to learn or not very excited to see what you can get let’s click one button and you will do it so get ready for ten questions and one result

WICH MLL TEAM SHOULD ROOT FOR now what this is what do you like lacrosse or not do you like one of these teams or do you not like I said one button one result

Created by: Luciano
  1. What state do you like best
  2. What food
  3. What time of year
  4. What weather is best
  5. Before this test what team did you root for
  6. What do you watch when not watching lacrosse
  7. What news do you watch
  8. Republicans or democrats
  9. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend
  10. What habitat do you like

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Quiz topic: What mll team should I root for