What Method Of Motivation Should You Use?

Hello, welcome to this quiz about what form of motivation you should use to motivate yourself to do something. There are several methods you could use to motivate yourself.

I've looked at six methods, but if none of them seem to be working for you, do some research! There are many, many methods of motivation available at our fingertips!

Created by: Crystal
  1. Which of these is closest to what you're trying to motivate yourself to do?
  2. Which of these appeals to you most?
  3. Which do you find yourself doing the most?
  4. Is there someone else working with you or helping you with whatever you're trying to motivate yourself to do?
  5. Is this something that will take a lot of thought and effort to complete?
  6. Why are you having trouble motivating yourself to do this?
  7. How soon is the deadline for this?
  8. Why do you want to motivate yourself to do this?
  9. Which of these methods of motivations has worked best for you in the past?
  10. And finally, what motivated you to do this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Method Of Motivation should I Use?